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 Magix Mall Rules

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Magix Mall Rules Empty
PostSubject: Magix Mall Rules   Magix Mall Rules Icon_minitimeMon Oct 16, 2017 3:49 pm

In the new Magix Mall, you can either sell or you can buy items that the staff are selling or that you would like sell to others. These are the rules to assure that everything goes smoothly.

As a side note, the original forum store will be under the name: Magix store with the floor number next to it. This way, no confusion will be made between our store and other members' store. 

1.) The shops - Each user can have up to 3 three shops till further notice. If, however, you think you will go over the limit, you can use 'floors' which will allow you to double post and create several categories in which you can put your items into. For example, Signatures floor, Avatars floor, etc. If you want your topic closed, you may leave an statement that you want your store closed up and locked. Also, try not to open up similar shops. Check what other shops are selling before selling your own items. If you have a concern or question, PM me and I will help you.

2.) Illegal/adult Content - do not try to sell illegal content which includes copy write material unless they say it is okay. Also, do not try to sell disgusting or sexy content. That user with have their site closed, deleted, and user will be banned

3.) Harassment - If you do not like what is being sold in the store, do not yell and harass the store keeper. You may politely ask and tell them that you want something different of a certain item. Anybody caught harassing anybody will have their store closed and they account will be banned.

4.) Spam - Do not spam the shops. Anybody that spams the shops will be banned for a minimum of 2 days and their post will be deleted.

Now, that you have read all the rules, and hopefully agree to them, you may now go shopping and have fun! Please PM if any questions or concerns comes up. Thanks.
Have fun!

Credits go to Winx Club site for the information

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Magix Mall Rules
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