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 What Do You Like About Winx Club?

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What Do You Like About Winx Club? Empty
PostSubject: What Do You Like About Winx Club?   What Do You Like About Winx Club? Icon_minitimeSat Jul 08, 2017 12:42 pm

The question is simple. Just explain what you like about the show. I will share my opinion first.
I like how it is so adventurous because of the missions they go on and they have to think about what could be the cause of the effects that they run into along the way. I also like how it proves that you can be strong as an individual but unstoppable as a team.
There are a couple more reasons why I like the show but I will just keep it short and leave you guys with this response. Now, it is your turn. What do you like about the show?
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What Do You Like About Winx Club?
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