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4 days until 28 birthday australia

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4 days until 28 birthday australia Empty 4 days until 28 birthday australia

Post by gakuenalice Sat May 02, 2020 8:44 pm

Good morning.said natalie
Good morning did you guys sleep well.says mom
I slept so good i dreamed of hamburger helper.said nicole
I slept so good i dreamed of parardise.responds chessie
I slept good,since we in australia what should me do.says maggie.
Ship view the city.said natalie
Next thing maggie nicole chessie mom go on the ship
Australia very pretty
Sweet park so huge can practice sports here.saying natalie
I like how there waterfall here you dont see those alot.replies nicole
I like how they have little shop stands on the streets.said mom
Next thing natalie maggie nicole chessie mom see kangaroos
So many kangaroos i wonder if they are nice.wonders natalie
They should be only time mean someone mean to them.replies maggie
The end
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